Toby Neville

tobyOffice: Roberts Engineering Building UB13, UCL

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PhD Chemical Engineering, UCL 

MEng Chemical Engineering, UCL

Research Statement

Toby obtained his MEng degree in Chemical Engineering at UCL and continued to further study for a PhD. This work was examining the corrosion of reactive metals from radioactive wastes encapsulated in Portland cement. The traditionally the examination of waste encapsulation is done using ex-situ characterisation of materials, however, for this work in-situ electrochemical techniques were used. The application of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) allowed for a dynamic resolution of the metal corrosion and the cement hydration and setting. The use of these techniques led to further collaboration with the Electrochemical Innovation Lab at UCL. Topics included the use of EIS as a diagnostic tool to assess PEM fuel cell performance and the application of Gallium Phosphate crystal micro balances as mass sensors for high temperature applications.

Here in the Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering he is working with Prof Coppens on the experimental realisation of hierarchical structures for the improvement of performance and efficiency for electrochemical devices. Primarily focusing on the distribution of reactant gases in PEM fuel cells using a hierarchical fractal structure.

Nature Inspired Fuel Cells