Panagiotis Trogadas


Office: Roberts Building, UCL
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Employment History


02/2017-present: Senior Researcher in Chemical Engineering, University College London, UK (Advisor: Prof. Marc-Olivier Coppens)

01/2014-01/2017: Senior Postdoctoral Researcher & Teaching Fellow in Chemical Engineering, University College London, UK

07/2012-01/2014: Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemical Engineering, Technical University Berlin, Germany (Advisor: Prof. Peter Strasser)

01/2010-06/2012: Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta (Advisor: Prof. Tom Fuller; Toyota Motors   funding).


Academic History


08/2005-12/2009: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA (Advisor: Prof. Vijay Ramani; General Motors funding).

09/2000-05/2005: Diploma in Chemical Engineering, National Technical  University of Athens, Greece.


Current Research

· Nature-inspired electrochemical systems

· Nature-inspired electrocatalysts


Research interests:

· Hierarchical materials for electrochemical energy conversion and storage devices

· Mechanistic understanding of structure-activity-stability relationship, synthesis and characterization techniques.

· Multilayer membranes for redox flow batteries and water purification

· Additive manufacturing of 3D flow fields for electrochemical devices

· Multiphase flow electrochemical reactors



30 publications and 8 book chapters

Nature Inspired Fuel Cells