SAXSLAB Workshops at UCL on 26-27 April

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We are pleased to announce Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering (CNIE) will host SAXSLAB workshops on 26 and 27 April.


The EPSRC "Frontier Engineering" Centre for Nature Inspired Engineering, CNIE, contains a wide range of equipment including state-of-the-art SAXS/WAXS, Mercury Porosimeter, Gas Sorption Analyser (BET), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and thermal gravimetric analysis with mass spectrometry (TGA-MS). It is located on the second floor and the upper basement of the Roberts Building, Chemical Engineering Department, UCL, Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE.


Our facilities include indispensable tools for new materials synthesis and design, characterisation, process development and manufacturing. These facilities have been supported by EPSRC, the UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences, and collaborations with equipment manufacturers, including Quantachrome, SAXSLAB, Perkin Elmer, and Lesker.

She will use ARCHER supercomputer for 6 months to study behavior of biomolecules confined in ordered amorphous silica through all-atom molecular dynamic simulations with explicit water and counter-ions.The simulations will provide a better understanding of the interplay between the adsorbed proteins and mesoporous materials which is necessary to improve drug delivery systems by improving stability and controlled release of the active drug at the site of interest.