Ayomi Perera presents at Pint of Science

PoSciDr Ayomi Perera will participate in Pint of Science 2016 on Wednesday, 25 May 2016 (The Rugby Tavern, 19 Great James Street, London, WC1N 3ES). The Pint of Science festival aims to deliver interesting and relevant talks on the latest science research in an accessible format to the public.


Join the event to hear about the latest research exploring phone battery degradation and how we can learn from nature to develop self-adaptive materials! During the event there will be a pub quiz and special Pint of Science goodies to be won! This event will be held on the first floor.


For further information about the event and registration: pintofscience.co.uk/event/batteries-not-included

She will use ARCHER supercomputer for 6 months to study behavior of biomolecules confined in ordered amorphous silica through all-atom molecular dynamic simulations with explicit water and counter-ions.The simulations will provide a better understanding of the interplay between the adsorbed proteins and mesoporous materials which is necessary to improve drug delivery systems by improving stability and controlled release of the active drug at the site of interest.