Prof. Coppens speaks at SMILE 2016

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Prof. Coppens is a Keynote Speaker at ‘Sustainable Materials Inspired by the Living world for Energy (SMILE 2016). 

SMILE 2016 will take place at IFPEN, Rueil-Malmaison, from 6 to 8 April 2016, as part of itsRencontres Scientifiques events. This Conference is endorsed by the French Academy of Science.

Topics will include all bio-inspired materials (biomimetic functional materials, biocatalysts, green materials, synthetic materials) with improved (bulk or surface) properties and use. Non restrictive examples are biopolymer hybrids, biotemplates and bioreactors used for a number of applications, including heterogeneous catalysis, dual catalysis, photocatalysis, electrochemistry, energy storage, etc.


She will use ARCHER supercomputer for 6 months to study behavior of biomolecules confined in ordered amorphous silica through all-atom molecular dynamic simulations with explicit water and counter-ions.The simulations will provide a better understanding of the interplay between the adsorbed proteins and mesoporous materials which is necessary to improve drug delivery systems by improving stability and controlled release of the active drug at the site of interest.