Kaiqiao Wu


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PhD, Chemical Engineering, University College London (2014-Present)

MSc, Chemical Engineering, University College London (2014)

BEng, Chemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China (2013)

Research Statement

By pulsing the gas flow entering the bottom distributor plate of a fluidized bed within a certain range of frequencies,  a remarkably regular pattern of bubbles emerges, rather than the typical chaotic  flow of bubbles similar to that in boiling water.  This is especially clear in quasi-two dimensional  beds  (two  vertical  plates  with  a  thin  space  filled  with  particles  in  between), in which a hexagonal array of bubbles rises. The robustness of the pattern appears to depend on the distributor plate, and the distance between the walls of the bed is also likely to play a role. Therefor Computational Fluid Dynamic Simulations of 2-dimensional  and  3-dimensional  fluidized  beds  of  Geldart  Group  B  powders  will  be undertaken to predict the fluid bed behaviour using an oscillating boundary condition at the distributor plate. As  the  patterns  are  so  robust, finding these regular patterns will allow us to test different CFD codes, like a fingerprint, which is of  increasing  relevance  as  CFD  codes  are  more  and  more  used  in fluidized bed simulation and design for research and industrial applications. The project is undertaken in collaboration with the Eindhoven University of Technology.